Issue with NCS service calendar and attendance returns has been resolved

Dear Service Provider,

Issue with NCS service calendar and attendance returns has been resolved

We are aware that some services had been experiencing an issue with amending their NCS service calendars and submitting their NCS returns on the Early Years Hive for several weeks.

We are happy to confirm that this issue has now been resolved. Services who were impacted by this issue can now amend their NCS service calendars as needed and will be able to return accurate NCS attendance records.We had expected this to have been resolved sooner, however the issue was more complex than we had initially expected. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused. If you encountered this issue when submitting this week’s NCS returns, you can do one of the below options:

If you submitted inaccurate NCS returns:

Please raise an NCS review attaching an NCS Review Form detailing the NCS CHICKs affected, the number of hours that should have been claimed under each CHICK and to confirm the actual increased amount of service calendar hours required. All CHICKs that need to be amended can be included on one review form.

You can request a review through the Request function of the Early Years Hive using the following categories:

  • Programme: NCS
  • Request Type: Request a review

If you did not submit NCS returns by last night’s deadline:

Please submit your NCS returns as soon as possible today, ensuring you have made any required amendments to your NCS service calendar first.

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