AIM Programme Readiness and the Removal of the 2nd Year Extension functionality

The application process for Access and Inclusion Model (AIM) targeted supports will open on the Early Years Hive in early May. Go live dates will be confirmed shortly. Please refer to Hive guides for support with the submission of your AIM applications.  

AIM Level 4, 5 & 7 
The application process for AIM Level 5 applications, AIM Level 4 applications (expert early years educational advice and support) and AIM Level 7 (additional assistance in the pre-school room) initial applications for the 2024/25 pre-school year will open on the Early Years Hive in early May.

Please note, where previously an extension application would be submitted for a child who is remaining in the same service and requires a second year of AIM Level 7 support, an AIM Review & Confirm form will now be submitted instead. 

AIM Level 7 Review & Confirm 
At the beginning of each programme call, where a child is availing of a second year of AIM Level 7 support, service providers must review the support awarded in the first year and confirm where no changes are expected for the next programme call. 
Where any of the changes below are expected, a service provider must inform Pobal during the review and confirm the process.

  • Changes to a child’s session(s) including moving to a different session and/or a reduction or increase in days. 
  • Changes to children availing of support in the same session (shared support) or another session within the service i.e. a child leaving the service or session. 
  • Changes in the adult to child ratio in a session. 
  • Changes in additional assistance awarded from other sources i.e. Enable Ireland, Home Tuition or attendance at a specialised pre-school. 

Where any of the above changes occur throughout the year, after you have reviewed and confirmed, you must inform Pobal by submitting a review within 10 working days advising of the change(s) that have occurred, through the Early Years Hive. Certain changes may affect the child’s AIM Level 7 funding. 

Important Information  
Services are reminded to submit AIM Level 4, 5 & 7 applications at least three months prior to a child’s planned start date on the ECCE Programme. 

Please note that training sessions will be provided, and a further announcement will be issued with links to register for those training sessions.  

Help & Support 
Should you have any queries in relation to the AIM programme, please contact the Early Years Provider Centre (EYPC) by raising a Request on Hive using the following categories: 

  • Programme: (select the AIM level) 
  • Request type: Application. 
  • Request type detail: How To 

Yours Sincerely, 

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