AIM Level 7 Compliance Training Process 2023/2024

Dear Service Provider,

You are invited to attend a training session on the AIM Level 7 Compliance Process 2023/2024

Compliance checks on AIM Level 7 approved capitations are commencing week beginning 22 April 2024.

The training has been scheduled for the following date and times:

  • Tuesday 16/04/ 2024 @ 2.30pm
  • Tuesday 16/04/2024 @ 6.30pm

To support Service Providers in meeting AIM Level 7 compliance requirements, AIM Level 7 compliance resources have been developed in advance of the compliance checks commencing i.e. AIM Level 7 Provider Checklist, Guide and Rectification Actions documents. These documents have been uploaded to the Hive in advance of the training session.

In summary, the PowerPoint Presentation will cover the following AIM Level 7 related topics:

  • Resources
  • What is involved in the compliance inspection process?
  • Rectification actions for AIM Level 7 non-compliant findings
  • Key messages to support compliance with AIM Level 7 requirements

Please find the GoTo Webinar Registration links below to register for the training.

AIM L7 Compliance Process SP1

16/04/2024 from 2.30pm

AIM L7 Compliance Process SP2

16/04/2024 from 6.30pm

We encourage you to attend a webinar in advance of compliance inspections commencing on these programmes. A recording of one of the sessions will be published on the Early Years Hive along with a copy of the presentation once all sessions are completed.


The Pobal Compliance Team

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