AIM Level 7 Compliance Inspections – 2023/2024 Programme call

Dear Provider,

We are writing to advise you that compliance checks will be commencing on AIM Level 7 payments from the week beginning 22 April 2024.  This will involve a series of standardised checks on AIM Level 7 approved capitations relating to additional assistance in the pre-school room and the maintenance of reduced ratios.

The compliance checks are aimed at confirming adherence with AIM Level 7 rules and contract conditions as set out by the Department of Children Equality Disability Integration & Youth (DCEDIY).

To ensure the compliance checks can be conducted at unannounced inspections, please ensure that the person in charge on-site has access to the following records to present to the Visit Officer for review:

  • The child attendance records for each of the ECCE sessions attended by child/ren benefitting from AIM Level 7
  • The Staff Qualifications for staff working in these ECCE session/s 

The Pobal compliance team have uploaded additional compliance support documents to the Hive in order to assist services in preparing for a compliance inspection. The documents, which are listed below, are available under the Resources section and can also be accessed through this link

  • AIM Level 7 Approved Provider Compliance Checklist 2023/2024
  • AIM Level 7 Compliance Guide for Approved Providers 2023/2024
  • AIM Level 7 Rectification Actions Guide 2023/2024

Please note – these documents are only supports, intended to assist you. There is an onus on each provider to familiarise themselves with their responsibilities under the AIM Rules (AIM Level 7 included) and contractual conditions.

As a further support, two webinars on the AIM Level 7 compliance process 2023/2024 have been scheduled for providers on Tuesday 16 April 2024 at 2.30pm and 6.30pm respectively. Each webinar will cover the same content. We encourage you to take the opportunity to attend one of these webinars.  Following the conclusion of the webinar sessions, a recording of a session will also be made available on the Hive with the PowerPoint slides. Invites to the webinars will issue shortly. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank services in advance for your continued co-operation with compliance checks.

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