Parent and Toddler Groups

What is a parent and toddler group?

Parent and Toddler Groups vary in style and philosophy. Some have children as their primary focus placing an emphasis on providing adult activities. Many groups aim to strike the balance between Adult and Children’s needs and provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment for babies, young children and their parents and carers.

What is WCCC's role in a parent and toddler group?

  • WCCC can provide advice and support by visiting the group.
  • WCCC can help with sourcing funding, information and training

What is the parent's role?

The Parents and carers are the group without them the group cannot exist. In a Parent and Toddler Group each parent or carer is responsible for their own children at all times.

What should i expect from a parent and toddler group?

As there is such a variety of groups under the Parent and Toddler umbrella no two groups run the same, A Parent and Toddler group is a local support group where parents and carers can meet to chat and develop friendships in a safe and friendly environment while their children play and socialise together.