Newsletter week ending 17 September 2021

Dear Colleagues,

Here are the deadlines, important dates, and announcements for the week of 13 – 17 September 2021.


Tuesday 28 September 2021
 Deadline for CCSP Finance and Impact returns (FIRS) for August 2021

Friday 1 October 2021
 Closing date for Learner Fund applications

Friday 29 October 2021
 Deadline for new graduate LINC additional capitation applications (see below)

Sunday 31 October 2021
 Final date for completion of subsidised FAR training course

Monday 1 November 2021
 Final date for re-registration of ELC services


New LINC graduates application process

In order to have the additional capitation associated with an Inclusion coordinator in your service backdated to the beginning of the programme year, applications must be submitted by close of business on Friday 29 October. Applications submitted after that date, will not have payments back dated.
Applications are done through the Hive, a guide to the process of a level 1 application can be found here.
Reminder re: changes in AIM level 7 supports
If there are any changes in the setting or attendance of a child receiving AIM level 7 supports, you have 10 working days to report it to Pobal.

If there has been a change in the session, session ratios, attendance or external supports, you complete a change of circumstance review on the Hive.

If there is an absence that has gone beyond 4 weeks, you complete a prolonged absence review. If you wish to apply to retain the child’s registration beyond the 4 weeks up to 6 weeks or beyond, you will need to complete an Exemption request for continuous absence due to special circumstances declaration form, which can be found in the programme documents section of the Hive but we have attached a copy to this email.

Absences beyond 6 weeks require additional proof such as a medical certificate.
The resumption of this survey has been paused due to technical issues with the survey site. We will let you know as soon as possible when this will resume.

Tusla’s national approach to practice in child protection and welfare.

Tusla have developed a briefing to support professionals in making referrals or reporting concerns to Tusla. The briefing introduces professionals to their national approach to practice and explains how this is applied to each stage of their work with children – reporting, assessment and intervention.
The briefing can be found on Tusla’s website here.

Suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19 in your service
You will have received a memo from the HSE, with reminders of the basic measures regarding Covid-19 infection prevention, but also a slight change in the way that close contacts are dealt with in ELC/SAC services. We have attached the memo for your convenience.

Completion of 2019 TUSLA re-registration.

The re-registration of most early years preschool services took place in the latter part of 2019. In an effort to assist providers at that time, the process was divided into two parts. The first part was completed at the end of last year and the deadline for the second part (submission of remaining documents) postponed until June 0f this year. Given the unprecedented situation with COVID–19 a decision was taken in March of this year to further defer the deadline until a date in 2021.
We now wish to advise you that the final deadline for submission of all remaining documentation for the completion of the re-registration process is close of business on Monday 1st November 2021. This is the final deadline and we would ask you to ensure that you have the required
documentation in order and submitted well in advance of this deadline to allow time for any corrections or changes.

Covid Case Support Helplines
There are two helplines available to services who have a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 in their service.
The HSE have a helpline to advise service providers if they have been informed of a Covid-19 case in a child or a staff member. The number is 01 511 9777. It is open Monday – Friday 8.30 – 4.30 and 10 – 4.30 Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.
For those services who need support on engaging with the relevant authorities due to a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19, there is an out of hours helpline. The number is 1800 940 341. The service will be available Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays from 10.00 – 13.00 and 13.30 – 16.00.

Kind regards
Westmeath County Childcare Committee

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