Childminder Introduction

What is a Childminder

A ‘Childminder’ is a person who provides a childminding service as defined in the Regulations.

A 'Childminding service’ means a pre-school service, which may include an overnight service, offered by a person who single-handedly takes care of pre-school children, including the childminder’s own children, in the childminder’s home for a total of more than 2 hours per day, except where the exemptions provided in Section 58 of the Child Care Act 1991 apply.

Childminders caring for more than three pre-school children who are not of the same family are covered by the Child Care (Pre-school Service) Regulations 1996 and should notify to the HSE. Childminders caring for more than three children are subject to inspection.


Setting Up A Childminding Service

Research the Need

As with all types of childcare services, childminders intending to set up should explore the need in their area by looking at a number of factors including

• existing services in the area by type of service provided i.e. pre-school, full day-care and other childminders

• population of pre-school and afterschool children in the area

• local employment trends

• information from parents, others in the area regarding gaps/needs


Consider Your Own Family Circumstances

Before a person decides to set up a Childminding Service they should consider the full impact providing a childcare service from their home will have on their family and themselves.

Childminding in the home will impact on your own children's routine, they will now have to share you and their home with other children.

If after considering the above you are still interested in pursuing a childminding career, please see “Becoming a Childminder” guide and contact your local CCC for further information. Westmeath does not offer a voluntary notification service for childminders.