NCS and Savers non-attendance for more than 4 weeks

Dear Service Provider

Since the full reopening of ELC and SAC services on March 29th 2021, Service Providers registered for NCS and Savers programmes who have non-attendance of registered children for more than 4 weeks are requested to provide the number(s) (only) of these places in the ‘NCS and Savers Non-attendance Form’ – refer to link below. 

N.B. Please note that any children non-attending for the period concerned (March 29th to July 2nd 2021) can be retained at the existing registration level for that period only if they form part of the count within this form. A finding of non-compliance will not apply to the counted children in the event of a compliance visit (subject to this form being completed and the supporting details of the number of children included in the form, being made available to compliance staff at any future unannounced visit i.e. their names).

In the form you are required to include thenumber(s) of non-attendees by Programme, and service provision; preschool or afterschool. Below is the list of questions in the form.  

  1. How many NCS preschool (session, part-time or full-time) children have not attended more than 4 weeks?
  2. How many NCS school-aged children have not attended more than 4 weeks?
  3. How manySavers preschool (session, part-time or full-time) children have not attended more than 4 weeks?
  4. How many Savers school-aged children have not attended more than 4 weeks?

NCS and Savers Non-Attendance Form

The ‘NCS and Savers Non-attendance Form’ for completion can be accessed here:

Keep a record

When you have submitted the number(s) of non-attendees, you must retain a record of the number(s) on your files and an associated list of the children counted for this form, as the form cannot be printed. This information will be sought and checked during a compliance visit for both programmes.  The number of non-attendees provided on the form and the list of children retained must match the non-attendees that may be identified during a compliance visit.Children who are not listed will be subject to normal attendance rules and checks.

Deadline for completion

The Form must be completed and submitted by COB Thursday, June 3rd.


Should you have any queries in relation to NCS and Savers non-attendance, please contact the Early Years Provider Centre by raising a Request on Hive using the following categories: 

  • Request Type:Non Attendance
  • Request Type Detail:Non Attendance
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