Documents for Parents


Children with Special Needs Educational Needs

This is the first edition of an information booklet for parents/guardians and is intended to help parents/guardians understand more about their child’s special educational needs, how these needs are assessed and the supports that are available to their child in school. The NCSE intends to build on this booklet by publishing information pamphlets in relation to specific special educational needs in the future.

Parents guide to Childcare Regulations

The purpose of this guide is to provide parents and guardians of young children with information about the Pre-School Regulations, 2006. These Regulations, made under the Child Care Act, 1991, came into effect in September 2007. The aim of these Regulations is to improve childcare standards and to ensure the health, safety and welfare of pre-school children, as well as promoting their development while attending pre-school services. The Government can ensure consistent levels of quality across all childcare services by legally requiring them to meet basic standards.