EYC 2015 Strand 4 Update

Update regarding the next steps in the Reporting process for EYC 2015 strand 4 grants.
The objective of the Reporting is to ensure that the EYC 2015 funding, awarded by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs, under Strand 4 are properly accounted for.
Payments under Strand 4 are made retrospectively and applicants must complete an on-line Grant Agreement and Expenditure Form before payment can be made.
The on-line Grant Agreement and Expenditure Form will be available the week beginning the 24th August through the Service Dashboard on the PIP portal.
Once the Expenditure Form has been successfully submitted the form will be reviewed by Pobal and a payment will be processed.
Payments will take not less than 10 working days to process.
Only one expenditure can be submitted. In order to successfully submit the EYC 2015 Expenditure Form you must to list payments to the value of100% of grant approval. If the total submitted is less than the amount approved the payment will be adjusted accordingly.
If you are approved funding under two strands of funding a separate EYC 2015 Expenditure Form must be completed for each strand on PIP Portal.
Further guidance on how to complete the Expenditure report will also be available on the PIP portal.