This year, while Fee Payment Policies (FPPs) have not changed in format*, the FPPs will be administered through the PIP System. Service Providers will be required to upload their FPP (including calendar and parent letter) on PIP, Westmeath CCC will begin the approval process. 
PIP will be ready to begin receiving FPPs for upload from Monday 18th May 2015. A FPP How to Guide will be available to assist service providers through this process.
Fee Payment Policies Templates and Guides for Completion will also be available to download from the Supports and Resources section on https://www.pobal.ie/Beneficiaries/EarlyEducationandChildcare/Pages/default.aspx and in service providers PIP Portals.
Please Note: Service Providers who have not begun the process/submitted a FPP by the 31st July will be considered not to be re-entering the childcare programme and will therefore not have the functionality to register children for that programme and will not receive any advance payment.
*Only minor changes have been made to the Fees Payment Policy template to incorporate its upload on PIP e.g. no signatures required on the forms (automatic effective date will apply on the form once the FPP is approved). 
For a FPP to be fully approved, all three items are required to be approved i.e Fees Payment Policy, Parent Letter and Calendar.
Please note: Service Providers will see changes to their PIP Portal over the coming days while it prepares for the FPP enhancement. All systems and templates will not be ready until Monday 18th May so please do not attempt to submit FPP before then.