CCS Appeals Deadline Extension to 20th April

Please remember that the option for CCS appeals closes next Monday the 20th April at 5pm. There will be no facility to lodge an appeal after this deadline so it is very important that you review each application on PIP and ensure the correct band has been approved.

When reviewing the applications on PIP please ensure to check the following:

a)      That the approved band is the band that was applied for (provisional band).

b)      If there is a variation between the band applied for and the approved band, you will need to check with the parent if that reflects their current situation or if they wish to appeal. For example a                 parent in receipt of FIS with a medical card applied for a band A but was approved for band B on PIP. In this situation you will need to check if the parent is still in receipt of FIS and a medical                 card. If they are, then an appeal can be lodged on PIP before 5pm on Monday the 20th April.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.