Force Majeure - 8 January 2021



Force Majeure

Any service wishing to close must have an approved Force Majeure application form.  Please submit this to Pobal by attaching it to a Service Request on Hive and entering ‘Force Majeure’ in the summary heading and selecting category ‘programme request’ from the drop down menu.   

·        Only services that have received formal instruction to close and have an approved Force Majeure application in place can remain closed for the period of the Force Majeure.

·        Non-ECCE only services remaining closed without an approved Force Majeure application must amend their calendars to reflect the closed period, changes are only required from 11 January 2021.  Any changes to calendars will affect your budgets.

·        In instances where Pobal are made aware of services that have remained closed without approved Force Majeure application, contracts will be placed on hold until calendars are amended to reflect the closed period.