Learner Fund

The Learner Fund will re-open for applications again for a two week period (exact dates to be confirmed).

We will advise of these dates as soon as this is confirmed. You will not be able to apply until then. Please check back to this page as updates will be provided in due course. Thank you for your interest in Learner Fund.


 The Learner Fund offers existing early years staff a subsidy towards the cost of early years courses at Level 5 and Level 6 (only) and aims to support staff working in early years services to be able to meet the new minimum qualifications requirements. Please note that to be eligible for a subsidy for a Level 6 course under the Learner Fund, you have to be working in the ECCE room as the room leader. The Learner Fund will be open to receive online applications for 2 weeks (exact dates to be confirmed).

If you need to upskill and wish to apply to Learner Fund please note that if you have already begun a course you may be eligible for a subsidy towards the cost of modules already completed as well as those modules not yet done. Because of the time constraints to complete courses, we would advise you to start your course rather than wait to apply first, but please note that only those Training Providers that are on the Learner Fund Panel can deliver courses under the Learner Fund so you should enroll with one of these. The Training Provider Panel is listed at the end of this page.

Eligible Training Providers for the Learner Fund

The assessment of Training Providers has been completed and those that have met the criteria for the Learner Fund Panel are presented below. Please note that for the purpose of the Learner Fund, some of these Training Providers are eligible to deliver Level 5 courses only, some are eligible to deliver Level 6 courses only, and some are eligible to deliver both Level 5 & 6 courses.

As a Learner Applicant, once you have been deemed eligible for a Learner Fund subsidy, your local County Childcare Committee will advise as to options and choice of Training Provider before proceeding to enrolment.