AIM for Parents- Getting Started and Accessing Supports

You will be able to access AIM supports through your pre-school provider.

Finding a suitable pre-school provider. 

If you have not as yet identified a suitable pre-school for your child, information on childcare services may be viewed on Pobal Maps via this link.  

You can search by facility name or address, or browse to your location to click on the service and access further information.  For a video tutorial on how to use this resource please click here.  If you require any further assistance with using the system, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively your local City or County Childcare Committee will be able to assist you – a list of all CCCs can be found here (CCCs).



When you have identified a pre-school for your child, your pre-school provider will, in consultation with you, consider what supports may be needed to ensure your child’s meaningful participation in the ECCE Programme.

Where it is considered that your child needs additional support, your pre-school provider can apply, in partnership with you, for targeted supports under AIM.

Applications are made via the Programmes Implementation Platform (PIP) on the Pobal website.  Pobal are the current administrators of the ECCE programme. Your pre-school provider will be familiar with the Pobal website and with PIP.


Application process

Applications can only be made with your full consent. A copy of the parental consent form can be viewed here [Parental Consent Form].  This form should be printed and signed by the parent and should then be uploaded and submitted with the completed application. 

In providing consent for an application to be made, you are also providing consent for information on your application to be shared with relevant professionals involved in processing the application and providing supports under AIM (eg. Early Years Specialist, HSE occupational therapist, Pobal officials etc.).

Where an application for supports has been made, Pobal will process the application and will inform both the parent and the pre-school provider of the decision reached. Where a parent, in partnership with a pre-school provider, is unhappy with the decision reached by Pobal, they can seek a review.  More detail in relation to the process of decision making is available at