PIP Announcement - Changes to CCSP registration process 2018


Changes to the CCSP registration process 2018

As already communicated there have been some changes to the CCSP registration process for 2018/19.   The API Key has been introduced for validation for CCSP childcare scheme applicants in receipt of Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP) payments- this is a direct electronic link into the DEASP system utilising the parent and child’s PPSN.  Medical cards and GP visit cards are also now directly validated on the HSE database.


As a result, when registering a child onto the CCSP programme on PIP with DEASP or Medical/GP Visit card eligibility type, you must select the correct registration type as CCS Plus but there is no longer a requirement to select CCSP eligibility information or attach a document.   Leave this section blank and proceed with the registration.


However, if you are registering a child with one of the eligibility types listed on the registration form on PIP,  you mustselect the relevant Eligibility Type from the drop down menu, and attach the correct document.