AIM -EDI training

AIM EDI schedule Autumn/Winter 2017


The 15 hours DEI programme for educators centres on the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion charter and Guidelines for Early Childhood Care and Education.

It explores a wide variety of challenges early childhood services that can inhibit or prevent services operating in a fully inclusive manner. Challenges such as prejudice, real presentation of all children in an early childhood service, strategies to promote inclusive practice and how to draw up an Inclusion Policy for your early year’s childhood service are all explored. The programme uses strength based Anti-Bias approach throughout.

Training is rolled out with a maximum of 16 participants per suite of training and is free of charge to all participants. The programme will be delivered throughout Westmeath.

More Dates to be confirmed

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WCCC Training Room


Shamrock Lodge

Session 1 (6 hours)


22th September 17

Time 1-7pm


6th November 17

Time 1-7pm

Session 2 (3 hours)


28th September 17

Time 1pm-4pm


8th November 17

Time 1pm-4pm

Session 3 (3 hours)


2nd October 17

Time 1pm- 4pm


13th November  17

Time 1pm- 4pm

Session 4 (3 hours)


5th October 17

Time 1pm-4pm


15th November 17

Time 1pm-4pm