PIP announcements 03- July 2017

PIP Announcements


​03/07/2017 16:15 

ECCE Service Calendar  - amendment


We  are aware that some service providers are experiencing difficulties in meeting the minimum days/weeks requirements on the ECCE calendars, in particular those services who are based on Primary School Premises.  

We are rectifying the issue by allowing service providers to make week 2 (week beginning 28th August) a payable week.  This means that services who wish to open on Thursday 31st  August, will be able to amend their calendar to ‘uncheck’  this as a Non Payable Week.   Services must still  be open for 183 days and have 38 Payable weeks.   


This change will be available from July 15th


03/07/2017 16:33


Compliance Notification

 The Pobal Compliance team will continue to conduct unannounced visits to services that are operational over the summer months as per the service calendars uploaded to PIP for the 2016/2017 programmes cycle.  For those services still operating, please ensure that all records relating to other programmes which may have ceased for the summer months (e.g. ECCE) are also available for review during such visits. The Service Provider Compliance 2016/2017 checklist should assist in collating the relevant information that forms part of the compliance checks. In addition, it is essential that all Roll books /Attendance records and fee records where applicable are accessible, as the information contained within will also form part of the compliance checks.