Newsletter 10 February 2017

Newletter  - 10th February 2017




Dear Colleagues,

Well it would appear that the information train is up and running again, here are your deadlines and information updates for the week.



17 February, 2017 – Community Service CCS Returns

The December returns are on Pobal online. Don’t miss the deadline as your CCS payments may be affected.

If you need any help to complete the return, contact your Pobal support officer. Of course we will also be very happy to help in any way we can.

This announcement is also up on the PIP homepage.



Tusla Quality Regulatory Framework (QRF) Development

Tusla are in the process of developing a set of guidelines to accompany the new regulations, in a document called the Quality Regulatory Framework or QRF. Last Saturday a very small number of parents and childcare providers were invited to attend an initial meeting. The meeting was held to establish that there was a need for the document and that the structure and the format were appropriate. The content is now being looked at by a number of different organisations and agencies who will feed back to Tusla.

It is our understanding that they will then produce a draft document for consultation. They hope to have the consultation draft ready for September. We will keep you posted on any further developments.


CCS Plus (available from March).

What is CCS Plus?

Effectively CCS Plus is a renaming of the CCS Private Contract and making it available to any service who wishes to activate it. The Community Childcare Schemes (CCS) provide subsidised childcare for parent/s who are in receipt of social welfare payments. Although the scheme will not be available from March, it will apply to children who have been in registered in a service from 2 January, 2017. At the moment we are not sure if you can have CCS and CCS Plus at the same time in the same service. We have asked the DCYA for clarity on this issue.


Who can apply for a CCS Plus contract?

Any service will be able to apply for the contract.

If you already have a CCS Private contract you don’t need to apply as it has the same terms and conditions, just a different name.

If you are a community/not-for-profit service who has a CCS contract, you can activate a CCS Plus contract through PIP.

If you are a community/not-for-profit service or a private provider that does not currently have a CCS/CCS P contract, you have to apply through Cork County Childcare Committee.

If you are a community service who currently has a CCS contract and you do not wish to activate CCS Plus, your CCS contract remains the same.


What’s the difference between CCS and CCS Plus?

·         You can register an eligible child under CCS Plus at any time from 2 January 2017. There is no ‘snap shot window’. Social welfare payments must be within a month of the child starting at the service and the medical/GP visit card must be valid at the time of registration.

·         Under CCS Plus the notice period is only 2 weeks.

·         Funding under CCS Plus is automatically released when the child leaves the scheme.

·         Children must be registered as leavers after 2 weeks absence rather than 4 weeks.

·         Services are only paid for the weeks they are open under CCS Plus


Are there any benefits to activating a CCS Plus contract?

·         You can register a child on CCS Plus any time after 2 January 2017

·         You can increase a CCS child’s level of service i.e. if they were registered for 2 days a week but would like to increase to 5

·         It is possible to change the child’s eligibility i.e. from Band B to A

·         If a child leaves CCS Plus and goes onto ECCE, another child can be registered in their place as the funding is automatically released.

·         ECCE children who are eligible will be able to avail of CCS plus during the holidays


CCS Plus is being developed on PIP and is due to be launched in March. How to guides and additional information will be released nearer the date.


That’s all the news for now. Don’t forget if you have questions about these or any other issues don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards

Westmeath County Childcare Committee