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Private Early Education Providers - PEEP

Who Are We?
We aim to be a representative body for the 3,285 private early education providers in Ireland, covering Sessional and Full Day provision. We formed in May 2016 to provide a voice for Early Education providers who, for too long, have been frustrated at the lack of consultation with the sector. We will ensure that the interests of the sector will be fully represented in these times of important and challenging changes within the industry.

Why did we form?
We all face the same challenges; here are the top three which were decided on at our initial meeting in Athlone on 24th May:
Lack of Proper Funding (Capitation: ECCE/ TEC/ CCSP schemes – costs, paperwork, non-contact time)
Commercial Rates
Non Consultation with us in regards to policy changes and formation; some of which threaten the very viability of many of our businesses.

PEEP is committed to providing leadership, supporting members and promoting excellence across our membership.

Our Aims:
To be an independent National voice for Private Early Education Providers (PEEP), funded by members-rather than Government.
To have a seat at the table where decisions affecting us are made.
To improve quality of Early Education services for the parents and families of children in Ireland
To ensure the future viability of the Sector

Why Join Us?
In order to have an effective voice we need you to join with us to grow a strong representative body. We believe now is the time for change, time to get off the fence and stand together as one united voice for providers.
We all need to protect our business interests and with your mandate we will earn a seat at the table in consultation and involvement with all Government bodies who make decisions which impact how we run our businesses.
We have recently completed a submission to D.E.S and we are in the process of compiling our Draft Policy Document - now is your time to input into this.

We are inviting you to join us. Please complete our Membership Form here

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